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June 8, 2017
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Home Brewed Recordings


Home Brewed Recording Studio

Home Brewed Recordings is a recording studio based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Run by Kevin Roche it offers affordable recording options and recording studio tutelage to it's customers.

JamJar designed the logo and made the website. The logo was completely made up by JamJar, from conception, to completion. The website was made as a skeleton website to host extensive content. Not only is the website information rich, but it also has a thriving portfolio page, which JamJar maintains as and when requested. The rest of the site is completely maintained by Home Brewed Recordings, despite Kevin starting as a WordPress novice. This shows how easy WordPress websites are to maintain, if you choose to do it yourself.

Home Brewed were so happy with the project completed in 2015, that they've chosen to use Jam Jar Web Design for a brand new, refurbished website, available in 2017

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